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Thirsty Cactus: Perfect Stopover On Route to Toronto

by Lisa Sit

After a long afternoon of hiking to Dundas peak and solving the Hanes Corn Maze, the Thirsty Cactus is a perfect spot to unwind and fuel up before you head back home.

Right in the heart of Dundas, Ontario, this local pub is sure to fill you up. They serve up more than just your typical bar food. They also offer southern classics, so it’s like you’re in Nola but without the beads and bayous.

The daily special for Sunday was a personal favourite. After a long hike and getting lost in the maze, 2lbs of wings at half price was a great way to end a successful active day.

Thirsty Cactus is no Wild Wing, but they cover all the basic flavours and have their own unique southern-themed sauces. I ordered 2lbs of wings, split 50/50 of Cactus Q™ and honey garlic. The only downside is it doesn’t come with fries, but if you do insist on having some on the side, their sweet potato fries is a delicious option.

Here are a few other dishes we ordered: Pulled Pork Sammy and Southern Catfish.

Neighbourhood: Downtown Dundas (1 hr outside Toronto)

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Alethea January 8, 2016 - 2:57 PM

This looks very yummy