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Hokkaido Santouka Ramen: Japanese Ramen in Boston

by Lisa Sit

I wish I could say that my love for ramen took me to Beantown but I can’t, because Santouka is a worldwide chain – and there’s good reason why.

Santouka’s ramen is very similar to ramen in the grand scheme of things, a soup-based noodle dish packed full of body with a bit of meat and veggies. But as soon as you taste the broth and the textures within the bowl, it really stands out from the rest and you can see that by the long lines. The broth is very flavourful and at the perfect temperature. Personally, the best part of the broth is that it’s not overly salty like other spicy ramens I’ve tasted in the past. The toppings were fresh and I was pleasantly surprised, it was greater in quantity than expected. I ordered a medium (pictured above) and it was quite filling.

Harvard is a bit out of the way if you’re not a student or you don’t reside in the general area, but if I was craving ramen the next time I’m in Boston, I’d go again.

TIP: When I went, the line was quite long. They do have a system though where they will text you once your table is ready. I’d go bit a early, get your name down, see Harvard for a bit and by the time your table is ready you will be starving.

Neighbourhood: Harvard Square

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