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L’as du Fallafel: Best Fallafel & Cheap Eats in Paris

by Lisa Sit

This is one of the most talked about places in Paris by foodies. I personally had it twice on my recent trip to Paris this past summer.

Just like any middle eastern place, you have the option of fallafel, chicken, beef etc. I chose chicken and ordered a side of fallafel. Everything tasted amazing – best combo! But personally, I think it’s the sauce that really makes it taste like heaven (I love my sauces!).

Its reasonably priced, extremely filling and located right in the middle of a popular walking district called Le Marais – perfect neighbourhood for shopping, especially vintage.

So if you ever make it to Paris, add L’as du Fallafel to your itinerary for lunch on a sunny day, so that you eat and perhaps take a nap at the park east along rue des Rosiers.

Neighbourhood: Le Marais

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