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Giacomo’s Ristorante: Boston’s Best Italian Food

by Lisa Sit

I’m no Bostonian but I visit enough to know that Giacomo’s Ristorante doesn’t fool around when it comes to Italian food.

There are a few locations, but the original in North End on Hanover is always my top choice. Not because I don’t like the others, but there’s something more reassuring of the quality and experience at an original location versus the than the rest of the chain. I can’t speak to the service at the other locations, but the North End has always been fantastic – quick, to the point but pleasant. My type of service when I’m hungry and all I want to do is enjoy a delicious plate of pasta.

The way the menu works is: you choose the ingredient/pasta combination then the sauce to pair it with. They do have specials as well which are already selected combinations.


Every time I’ve gone, I always order calamari to start and a cream-based pasta as my entree. In my last visit, I chose salmon and sun dried tomato in lobster cream. So delicious and so filling, I had to take my leftovers home.

TIP: The less in your party, the quicker you’ll get a seat.

Neighbourhood: North End / South End

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