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Brother Hubbard: Go-To Brunch in Dublin

by Lisa Sit

Brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Last summer, having flown from Paris to Dublin, my cousin and I were exhausted and hungry. We arrived in Dublin at 11am and to me, that’s brunch time! I was pleased to have found a fantastic brunch spot to kick off our 30 hour layover.

As soon as you walk in, without missing a beat you are greeted right away. Brother Hubbard is small but it can fit quite a number  of people. Almost every table was full of locals so we knew we were at the perfect spot to fuel up for the rest of the day.

We had our luggage with us and seeing how limited floor space was, we were worried our luggage would be in the way or worst, denied a seat. However, we were generously accommodated with the small space under the pastry table. Our luggage was in good company and within sight from my table (double plus!).

Wherever possible, everything at Brother Hubbard’s is homemade with fresh and where possible, local ingredients.

My cousin and I wanted something that can warm us up, so we both ordered a hearty bowl of tomato soup along with a pulled pork sandwich – named the best sandwich in Dublin. I ordered an extra egg for that extra taste of runny yolk, but it came out a little overcooked unfortunately.

Reviews are mixed on websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, and though we don’t have a valid opinion on if it really was the best sandwich in Dublin, we still enjoyed it. The pulled pork was flavourful and filling while the tomato soup warmed us up nicely; a decision we were thankful for on this chilly day in Dublin.

Neighbourhood: North Inner City on Capel Street

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