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Yasu: The Perfect Omakase Sushi Date

by Lisa Sit

If you love the art of sushi and appreciate the tastes of quality sashimi, you are in for a treat at Yasu. But with a luxurious experience like this comes with a steep bill. At $80 per person, it is most definitely not cheap but worth every penny.

Yasu offers an 18-course menu of delectable sushi + dessert, Omakase style (chef’s choice). Reservations can be made 30 days in advance but their capacity and hours of operation is very limited so be sure to book as early as possible.

I dined with two girlfriends of mine and we were probably the only three there not on a date. It is said that your experience is often based on the company you are with and I had an awesome experience!

Although 18 courses may seem like an overwhelming amount of food, each course consists of only one sushi. The menu is based on the season’s freshest ingredients from around the world.

Here is a glimpse of what we were offered in the Spring:


These two Blue Fin Tuna sushi are to die for. Lean on the left. Medium on the right. The fattier tuna had more flavour and tasted meatier but the lean was surprisingly meaty as well.

Fire Fly Squid

Fire Fly Squid dressed with miso paste on top. Fire Fly Squid lives along the western coast of Japan and is only available during Spring. It has a bit of a chewy texture and tasted like the ocean – it was that fresh. Although a little creepy to look at but lovely taste.

Greek Mackerel

Greek Mackerel with ginger paste. Instead of using wasabi, this mackerel was layered with a sweet paste of ginger. I personally do not like ginger but I really enjoyed this combination of the sashimi combined with the sweetness of the ginger.


This unagi dressed with a thin coat of teriyaki tastes like your typical unagi sushi but with a fresh kick to it. It was advised that the correct way of adding flavour such as teriyaki or soya sauce, is to brush a coat over top. If you dip it, the sauce often overpowers the sushi.


Of course, it’s not a full sushi experience without the egg sushi. It’s usually served with a thin slice of egg on a ball of rice. Yasu instead served it as a thick slice of the egg on its own. Spongey egg flavour on the inside, soft cake-like texture on the outside. This was the best egg I’ve ever been tasted at a Japanese restaurant. It tasted like a steamed egg cake!

Chocolate Panacotta

This chocolate panacotta was an odd offer in my opinion at a Japanese restaurant but it was so delicious I didn’t even notice the disconnect. Creamy chocolate flavour – rich yet not overly sweet. Beauty.

Every course was exquisite. Not only was it a delicious night out, it was also very educational. Our server taught us about the different fish –  such as where it comes from, how it is prepped and at times, how it is caught.

This would be a perfect spot to splurge with your friends for the die-hard sushi lovers or with your significant other to celebrate something special. It was such a great experience, I would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates quality food.

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