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WVRST: Sausage and Beer Galore

by Lisa Sit

Wvrst is the  ultimate sausage bar. I know, I know… that hot dog stands located across Downtown Toronto could technically fulfill your sausage cravings at a fraction of the cost, but it’d be worth the extra $3-5 for one that is made of game meat (that you can trust) and tastes 10x better.

As soon as you enter, it feels like a typical cafeteria integrated with a pub. There are large sharing picnic tables in the middle and along the windows are shorter high sharing tables. You order and pay at the front and your given a number so the runners know where to find you when your food is ready.

Top is the  Chicken Currywurst with a side order of Belgium Duck Fat fries and Plain Mayo/Chipotle to dip. Bottom is a Kangaroo Sausage on a Bun with sauteed jalapenos and onions.

Neighbourhood: King West

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