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Thobors Boulangerie Patisserie Café

by Lisa Sit

Neighbourhood: Davisville Village

If you’re looking to fuel up on coffee and food with a friendly atmosphere, the Mt. Pleasant strip between Eglinton and Davisville, has no shortage of fine cafés and restaurants. On this week’s #TPLFoodHunt, Ehren and I hit up a neighbourhood bakery by the Mount Pleasant Library for some buttery goodness. Read about the library adventure here in Ehren’s blog.

Thobors is your typical French bakery. Everything is baked in shop with the finest, quality ingredients. When you enter, you’re hit with amazing aromas of baguettes that are still warm from the oven and espresso as it’s grinded fresh for each cup. Theses aromas are an instant reminder of Paris. For a small bakery, Thobors has a lot to offer including freshly baked pastries, beautifully decorated sweets and delicate chocolates lined up in a glass display case and even lunch fare.

For my mid-day meal, I ordered the puff pastry with sausage and mustard – every bite was an explosion of buttery, crispy and flaky goodness. The sausage was perfectly cooked, and the light mustard spread, added a nice subtle touch of flavour making it the perfect combination.

For Ehren, he ordered the vegetarian sandwich on sesame bread. The ingredients were at the perfect ripeness and the bread had the most perfect texture and sesame flavor. You can’t get a sandwich any fresher than this.

Aside from lunch pastries and sandwiches, they also offer soups, quiche and salads for lunch.

To end off our lunch, we tried the apricot danish. Although I am not a fan of apricot, it was still a tasty treat for those of you who do enjoy apricot, you will surely enjoy this.

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