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Star King: Pho Craving Fulfilled in Midtown

by Lisa Sit

When you think of Vietnamese food, do the words dirty, cheap and delicious come to mind? If so, you’re not alone, at least if you live in Toronto. Not all restaurants are dirty, but for the majority that are, it doesn’t stop people from going. Why? Because who doesn’t want a large bowl of flavourful broth and rice noodle topped with cuts of beef as the weather gets colder.

Star King is one of the first Vietnamese restaurants to open up for business in the Yonge and Eglinton area. It is located a block north of Eglinton on Yonge, and conveniently around the corner of the Northern District Library – making it a perfect spot for this week’s #TPLFoodHunt series.  Northern District doesn’t look big, but it provides a lot more services than you’d realize – read about our library adventure in Ehren’s blog. 

Since opening, more Vietnamese restaurants have popped up since. With so many options, Star King is still one of the best on the strip!

Pho is a very popular choice. For those who don’t know what pho is it, it’s a rice noodle soup. Seems simply right? But it isn’t. Lots of time goes into preparing the broth and it could take up to hours to perfect. The best pho I’ve ever had was cooked by a friend’s mother, but to be honest, in most cases, nothing could ever beat home-cooked pho. However, Star King’s pho is one of the closer ones – it’s full of bold flavours and a perfect dish to warm up your soul when the winter days arrive.

Vermicelli is another popular dish and a personal favourite, especially when I’m craving a spring roll. Every bite is full of grilled flavours from the meat, crunchy textures of the vegetables and the sweet and slight kick of spice from the fish sauce. This dish is sure to fill you up so if you’re eating this for lunch, you may want a coffee on the way back to the office to make it through the rest of the day.

Star King also offers thai food such as curry, fried rice and more. So whether you order pho, rice, vermicelli or something Thai you’ll enjoy it. It’s a perfect choice for those who work and/or live in the area, but not a place I would travel out of my way to eat at.

Neighbourhood: Yonge & Eglinton / Midtown

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