Yet another dinner and drinks with the work family. This time, we kicked it up a notch and tried something totally new, Malaysian.

Soos is a pretty small venue. There is a semi secluded dining area in the back which would be great for a medium-sized group, but it is also romantic enough for a table for two in the rest of the restaurant.

The menu is very much meant to be shared. The servings are bite-sized but packed full of flavour and texture. We didn’t know what to get, and being a decent group of 6, we decided it may be easier to get the “Feed Me” option. “Feed Me” is a selection of their favourite dishes (whole table participation)   totaling out to about $35ish pp.


The kitchen chose the following for us to try:

  1. Pulled Kapitan Tacos – a lovely curry flavour to every bite, my favourite of the list.
  2. Keropok (i.e. prawn chips) – one of my favourite snacks growing up in an Asian home. These were much better than the ones I used to eat at Chinese restaurants. Fresh with a bold prawn flavour.
  3. Laksa Dumplings – if you love tofu, you’ll enjoy this tapa. If not, don’t get it.
  4. Red Chili Wings – so svoury. A second favourite from the menu.
  5. Beef Short Rib Slider – amazing sliders! Texture was perfect and the sauce really complimented the beef short rib. Surprisingly filling tapa but don’t just depend on this to fill you up.
  6. 24 Vegetable Salad – I don’t actually recall the name of this dish, but recall there were 24 different ingredients in this salad. It was a perfect combination of sweetness and crunch; very refreshing.
  7. Char Kway Teow – strong soya sauce; reminded of me just a typical noodle dish that is soya-sauce based. I’m a rice over noodle person so I’m a bit biased.
  8. Ox Tail Udon – I love the unique texture of ox and it was a great combination with the chewy udon.

Although we had a fairly intense dinner, I just couldn’t say no to a marshmallow dessert. Pisang Goreng did not meet my expectations as there wasn’t enough marshmallow but the banana was good and the crumble had a firm but soft texture when biting into it. Still delicious, but wouldn’t order it again.

Overall, I really enjoyed Soos and would recommend to anyone who wanted to try Malaysian food. The service was great – almost changing up fresh plates after every other dish.

TIP: The “Feed Me” option makes it easier for large groups.

Neighbourhood: Lower Ossington

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