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SCHOOL: What Brunch at School May Look Like

by Lisa Sit

Just like high school, SCHOOL was good while it lasted. At least I’ve tried it and I can now cross it off my list of places eat.

If you are a Torontonian and on Instagram, I’m sure you follow many food accounts and you’ve probably seen SCHOOL on your feed more than once in your instacareer. At least that’s how I felt and seeing that stack full of deep fried chicken on waffles or stack of hotcakes dripping of blueberry sauce, it was hard to ignore.

The space is very hipster (for lack of a better word). Hipster, but in a good way (if there was ever a bad way). The building must’ve been a garage at one point because it has garage-like doors by the entrance – I came in the fall, but I can only imagine how nice it must be in the summer if the garagre doors were to open. It’s very comfy inside with plenty of seating inside that could easily accompany a large group.

If you brunch, you know that there is food specifically for breakfast and lunch, but there is also brunch food. With any breakfast or brunch, I always have to have a pairing of coffee with it. Organic coffee is a treat and I was pleasantly surprised they served it.

We ordered a brunch classic at SCHOOL, their Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes for me and the Lunch Box Lox for the other side of the table.

The blueberry syrup was delightful and delicately sweet – I wish I had more of it to eat with the pancakes. The only negative (personal preference) was the fluffiness of the pancakes. By no means did it taste bad, but I’ve had better. I never tried the toast but was told it tasted stale and dry.

Although we didn’t have the best experiences with our order options, SCHOOL does make fantastic looking dishes – very instagenic, but unfortunately it’s not a place I would visit again on my own terms. This was definitely a place I felt resembled quantity over quality.

Neighbourhood: Liberty Village

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