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North of Brooklyn Pizzeria: A Little NYC in Toronto

by Lisa Sit

North of Brooklyn is just one of the many, many pizzerias around town, butttt with a focus on Brooklyn-style pies in a take-out environment; a little bit of New York in Toronto.

There are three locations across Central Toronto, each featuring the famous lit-up sign. This sign was taken at the Queen St. location. Personally, as large as it is, I think it’s actually easy to miss during the daytime and at night when walking West, but if you see it, it’ll definitely grab your attention.

The pizza options are few and far between. You can order pizza by the slice or by the inch. We ordered a large margherita and between two people who have big appetites, it ended up being a tad bit too filling.

I don’t know if you’d agree or disagree, but pizza without dip is just not pizza. Complementing our pie was their roasted garlic dip – a match made in heaven. Beware, when I say garlic dip, it really is a garlic dip. Nothing else. Not the choice of dip on a Netflix and chill night or a first date.

Their popular white pizza and garlic knots are on my list of things to try the next time I find myself in this pizzeria. Check it out, taste it for yourself and be prepared to say goodbye to your neighbourhood Pizza Pizza.

Neighbourhoods: Queen West / Village / Lower Ossington / Geary St.

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