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Nana: Street-style Thai Food

by Lisa Sit

I have never been to Asia, so I often will live vicariously by my friends’ travels or documentaries and YouTube videos. However, thanks to Nana, I am able to get a slight feeling of what eating in Thailand must be like minus the heat and scooters.

I know… another authentic Thai restaurant in addition to Pai, Khao San Road and Sukho Thai!? Although, Nana is similar in flavours, it brings something different that the others don’t offer.

Nana is known for their street-style Thai food and experience. Their decor is like no other. The blue tables are very close to each other, only enough for someone to get in and out sideways, the seating consists of red plastic stools and the bowls are plastic as well. The cramped feeling and busyness of the the colour theme brings the feeling of street-style Thai to the diners but it’s not for everyone.

Their menu includes many signature Thai dishes but also a many new ones I’ve never seen before.

Of the new option, we decided to try the Thai version of mac and cheese, also known as pad mama. I know, it looks nothing like mac and cheese, but it gives off the feeling of comfort food which mac and cheese does. Simply put, it really is just instant noodles, stir fried in vegetables and topped with hotdog, but different and worth the try.

It’s not Thai night unless you have pad thai. This all too famous Thai dish makes me wonder if pad thai is as big of a hit in Thailand like it is here. Seeing that Nana and Khao San Road are sister restaurants, it makes sense as to why it tasted familiar (this is before Khao San Road’s recent relocation). Though they are similar (or possibly the same), you can’t go wrong with their pad thai. This is definitely a dish that would fill you up and hit the spot for your Thai food craving.

In my opinion, Nana serves up the best khao soi I’ve ever had. So khao soi is a yellow curry soup with egg noodle and chicken, garnished with crispy egg noodle for texture. I’ve tried this noodle bowl at most if not all of the mainstream Thai restaurants around the city and Nana serves it the best. The soup is not too thick – resembling more of a noodle soup texture, it’s very flavourful and easy to eat without feeling overly full. I also really appreciated the perfect serving of noodles. But it doesn’t stop there, the chicken was another reason why I prefer this khao soi over the others. Instead of chicken cooked in the broth, it was fried, giving it a a crispy texture.

I really wanted to try their thai iced tea gelato, but they didn’t have any left that night unfortunately. Hopefully they have it the next time!

Neighbourhood: Queen West

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