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Miss Things: A Modern Hawaiian-inspired Dinner

by Lisa Sit

It’s been many months since my old co-workers finally got together to catch up. Most of us have now moved onto bigger and better things in life, getting married, having babies and buying a first home… so there was a tonne of catching up on and personally, I always find it best to catch up over good food and shared meals.

Miss Things menu and plater with cutlery on the right.

Miss Thing’s had been on my list of places to try for a couple of months and to my luck, they were interested as well. We met up right after work, arriving at about 6pm. It was almost empty, very quiet and really the perfect time for us to have dinner because who likes to scream across the table?

The decor is of deep forest hues with large accents of bright tropical flowers along the wall, really setting the tone of the tropical-themed restaurant and menu. It felt like a modernized old-school luxury diner in a sense. The servers and bartenders were dressed in comfortable casual outfits, reflecting the restaurant’s laid back personality and the Queen West persona.

Even though the decor has a strong masculine feature, their dinnerware has brings a bit of chicness to Miss Things. Alethea, had been busy all day with meetings for her marketing and branding company, See Girl Work and started the evening with a tea to calm her hunger aches. Ironically, the teapot matched See Girl Work’s creative theme – gold, chic and very Kate Spade. 

The menu isn’t very large, but everything sounded so good that we had a tough time choosing what to order. In the end, we ordered a variety of dishes that was filling, delicious and gave us a taste of almost every angle Miss Things had to offer.

miss things restaurant review teapot

We started off with the deep-fried corn hash. It was a perfect starter; crispy and surprisingly filling. The flavours set up the rest of the night to a good start!

Second was the pineapple fried rice. It tasted like how fried rice should taste but the pineapple added a gentle sweetness to it, and the cashews a crunchy texture. It was served in a pineapple bowl, adding to the Polynesian and Caribbean feel. This dish is perfect for sharing.

Pineapple fried rice.

Following the fried rice was the deep-fried chicken. At first thought, the chicken looked flavourless but when it is dipped in the Szechuan sauce it changed the dish enitrely. It really reminds me of the spices that are often used in Chinese cooking. As an Asian who has a serious love for rice, it would’ve been heaven had it been served at the same time as the deep-fried chicken!

Lastly, was the poke bowl. The poke scene is has grown so much since the summer and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always wanted to have good poke like the ones you hear about in SoCal and felt that Toronto being a foodie destination, we were totally lacking the Hawaiian culture! Miss Things doesn’t serve your typical poke, but it was still delicious. The rainbow trout was very fresh, literally melting in your mouth. The rice was flavoured with coconut which was a nice surprise. The soya sauce tied everything together. The poke bowl was sweeter than I expected but I enjoyed it.

Miss Things restaurant review poke

Overall, Miss Things is a great spot for large groups. Their dishes are almost made for sharing and the setup of the seats allow for comfortable seating with large groups, while still keeping it intimate.

Neighbourhood: Parkdale

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