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Lucky Red: Chinese Fusion in Chinatown – CLOSED

by Lisa Sit

When I think of food in Chinatown, I think of cheap and quick Chinese diners like House of Gourmet, Rol San for dim sum and Seafood of China for those family-style dinners. So it was a bit odd to see Lucky Red squished between one of many grocery stores and pharmacies.

I’m sure you most would agree, ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ are two words that come to mind when I think of food in Chinatown. At first, I didn’t think Lucky Red would be considering the very modernized decor on the exterior and interior, but it surprisingly didn’t put a dent in my wallet. It’s great for small and medium groups but for larger ones, you’ll need to lean on the side of luck as there is only one spot available that size.

Being situated in Chinatown, their menu infuses many Asian flavors, with a touch of Western tapas style.

If there is anything I love, but never have the chance to eat unless I go for dimsum, it’s deep-fried wonton. I obviously had to order the salmon tostadas: salmon and guacamole on a wonton chip. The avocado mixed with salmon was refreshing as ever, but I was expecting a bit more salmon.


For a bit more of carb intake to fill me up, I ordered the fried chicken bao and the special of the day, pulled pork tacos. The bao was garnished with kimchi, complimenting the spicy mayo and fried chicken. And the tacos, they were an obvious hit – I mean, who doesn’t like pulled pork tacos for $1.50 each?

Lastly, and most importantly were the fried chicken wings. Cooked fresh to order. They take about 18 minutes to cook so it’d be something you’d want to order first. They were very crunchy, extremely hot and oddly sweet. Yes, there was sugar coated on each wing. Not bad, but not my cup of tea either.

Neighbourhood: Chinatown

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