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FIGO: Affordable Luxurious Italian Experience

by Lisa Sit

There’s something luxuriously modern about white décor.

Looking in from the outside, Figo’s use of sleek and simple white décor radiates of tranquility. But as soon as you step in, it’s everything but, at least during dinner. Figo’s ambiance was full of chatter, laughter and the clinking of dinnerware, making it a perfect spot for a night out with the perfect date or with your friends to celebrate something special or just to catch up on lost time.

Every detail from the food and service boosted my simple holiday/bi-monthly meet-up with my former colleagues into something that felt a little more special.

Oftentimes when you’re with a large group, the best restaurants are the ones where the menus are short and sweet and thankfully, Figo is one of them.

We started off with a couple of appetizers that were great for sharing and snacking on throughout the evening (so as long as they don’t clear it away without you noticing). We ordered the ricotta with truffle and honey and zucchini fritti. I’ve never had ricotta on it’s own and after having tried it, it’s opened up a plethora of ways to use ricotta that’s not lasagna. As for the zucchini fritti, these were absolutely delicious to snack on. Very crunchy but moist on the inside. It’s a snack you wouldn’t necessarily make at home and worth the order. On the bright side, they embodied the idea of a healthy option… that is, if you looked past the fact that it was deep-fried.

When it came time to ordering our entrees, a friend and I were both stuck between pasta or pizza, so we ordered one of each and shared.

For our pasta, we ordered the gnocchi with buffalo ricotta, tomato and basil. Figo’s ricotta appetizer was so good, it just made sense to order an Italian pasta dish with it as well. The tomato was rich in flavour yet thin in texture, so you could enjoy the fresh gnocchi without an overpowering sauce. It looks like a small serving, but because gnocchi is a dense pasta, it was very filling.

For our pizza, we ordered the mushroom with caramelized onion, cacciocavalo, potato, watercress and truffle. The addition of the watercress was a great touch both to the taste and presentation. Though it was a thin crust pizza, the toppings (especially the potato) was heavy on the stomach so expect to be filled. This is a a great choice is you’re craving pizza but you don’t want just any pizza that you can get anywhere.

Unfortunately, by dessert, most of us were way too full to consume anything else. There was an order of the panocotta. Simplistic look, but unsure of the taste.

Neighbourhood: Entertainment District

Restaurant image via Figo’s instagram.

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