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Field Trip Cafe: Old-school Classroom Nostalgia

by Lisa Sit

Everything about Field Trip will remind you of school, at least in the morning – hopefully in a good, nostalgic way – the iconic green chalkboard used for the menu, the wooden chairs to sit and stay awhile and the overall smell of ground coffee and baked goodies.

field trip cafe green chalkboard menu

Field Trip offers variety of baked goods to complement your coffee/latte. Every time I’ve been, the choices have been different, but one thing is for sure, they taste home-baked like the ones you’d get a school bake sale – but not as cheap unfortunately.

field trip cafe muffin
field trip cafe chocolate chip cookie

I’ve personally tried the banana and apple cinnamon muffin and their chocolate chip cookie. The banana was my favourite. The apple cinnamon I didn’t like so much – I think I prefer my apples in the form of a pie. And you can’t go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie.

Later in the evening, the cafe loosens up a little as the liquor starts to flow, so you really can stay here all day long if you wanted too. I haven’t been to Field Trip for a drink, but I imagine it’d be a great place for a drink and conversation – maybe a spot for your next date night?

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