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Eat-a-Pita: Best Affordable Middle Eastern Meal

by Lisa Sit

UPDATE April 2019: Eat-a-Pita has moved out of Yorkville, into Vaughan.

In Yorkville, it’s hard to find reasonably priced food that tastes good. However, during Ehren and my library adventure to the Toronto Reference Library, we came across a Lebanese joint that had both good pricing and delicious food.

We originally came across Eat-a-Pita but realized soon after that the owners also had a second restaurant called Xtreme Taste. The latter serves a variety of dishes of home-style Mediterranean and European cooking while Eat-a-Pita serves up Lebanese flavours in the form of a pita or platter.

We wanted something that could be easily ordered to-go and quick, so we went to Eat-a-Pita. At $5-10 for a dish, it’s one of the cheapest but delicious Middle Eastern spots you’ll find.

Neighbourhood: Yorkville

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