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CNE 2016: The Year of the Ramen Burger

by Lisa Sit

I wouldn’t say I love the CNE, but like most Torontonians it’s something to look forward to at the end of every summer for the games, rides, shows, shopping and of course, food.


A visit without visiting the food building is crazy and unheard of, really. So our first stop was the food building. Around mid-summer, Foodies across Toronto look forward to the reveal of what the must-try foods are being offered at the CNE . This year, the foods involved critters, unique dessert combinations and Asian fusion offerings. Personally, I tend not to dabble in the CNE’s outrageous offerings. I prefer to enjoy trying foods that taste good or are my yearly ritual CNE eats.

We started with philthy footlong philly cheesesteak from Philthy Philly’s Food. We got it with chipotle sauce and of course we had to get extra. I totally recommend extra sauce.

We then ordered the godzilla fries and ramen burger from Yatai. The ramen burger was really popular but I did not enjoy it much. I didn’t taste the crispy ramen and the whole combination was a little odd to me. I’ll stick to my ramen in the form of a soup! The godzilla fries were killer though. Topped with quite a few ingredients but the main ones I noted was the J-Pop chicken (karaage) and teriyaki butter.

The corn dog is typically a yearly ritual but not for me this year. My friend however order the footlong and thought it was okay. 

Without a doubt though, every year I get the an ice cream waffle. It’s been around in the CNE for years and a nostalgic dessert for me. Even with the ice cream craze outside of the CNE, this waffle will always have a place in my belly for as long as the CNE continue to sell it.

Shopping & Midway Prizes

CNE Pokemon Prize

Enough about the food, let’s discuss shopping. You can buy a lot of different things at the CNE, and to everyone’s shopping experience is different. Shopping for me was always a back-to-school ritual when I was younger. Nowadays, I go to grab cheap beauty products. I snatched these dry shampoo bottles at $1 per and this deodorant for $5. I love deals. Lastly, the midway games. I enjoy the games when the sun sets because it’s cooler, but also because the crowds die down a little. With the recent release of Pokemon go, I was not surprised the theme of this year’s prizes were Pokemon monsters. My boyfriend played one of the water gun games and after $15, he finally captured his Bulbasaur. Did you know? Pokemon started off as a game called Pocket Monsters.

Neighbourhood: Exhibition (south of Liberty Village)

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