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Black Camel: Best Brisket Sandwich in Toronto

by Lisa Sit

Just off of Yonge St. in Rosedale is a little black sandwich shop called Black Camel, offering a build your own sandwich from a selection of . A basic sandwich starts at $7.50, and consists of  your chosen meat and up to two sauces. You can then add toppings at $0.90 each or additional sauces at $0.50.

Black Camel storefront in black and white.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of their cuts of meat and sauces so I generally go with a basic sandwich. My absolute favourite is their slow roasted beef brisket. The flavours from it are amazing on it’s own and every bite literally melts in your mouth. I generally get the chipotle and charamoula mayo combination to add a kick of spice to the beef brisket. Every now and then, I’ll add in BBQ to make it a bit different.

Juicy beef brisket dressed with chipotle and charamoula mayonnaise.

As much as I love their beef brisket, their pulled roast chicken should not go unmentioned. If you ever get to know me, my biggest pet peeve is dry chicken and Black Camel doesn’t disappoint. Their pulled chicken such a treat and when you add sauces like their pesto mayo, it’s a sandwich that will make you wish ordered two of. 

Pulled chicken sandwich dressed in pesto mayonnaise.

Neighbourhood: Rosedale

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