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Aunties and Uncles: No Frills Brunch

by Lisa Sit
Image via @r-saint’s instagram.

Yes, this is another brunch review. If you haven’t realized yet, you can probably tell that brunch is my favorite meal of the day. Aunties and Uncles is a great spot for brunch or lunch, and will most definitely fill you up in one sitting.

Beware though, this is popular brunch/lunch spot and it gets quite busy – even on a cold winters day there was a line extending around the fence. So come early if you can.

When you step in, you’re embraced with a home-style environment with a diner feel. To the right, ahead is diner-like kitchen with a pick-up window. The decor is of mismatched chairs and 70-80’s style tables, a bit cramped but oddly still comfortable. And you can’t forget the the many conversations all around you – there is no such thing as silence (unless you’re the first one in probably).

Their main menu is provided, but there are also specials on the chalkboard right by the pick-up window.

I came with my friend from out of town and we both went with a special of the day, burger with bacon and fried egg. The burger literally melted in my mouth. It’s not a small burger by any means, but a couple of bites in and my burger was gone – it was juicy, hot, and the patty wasn’t too thick or thin. The over-easy egg was the cherry on top. The burger also came with our choice of potatoes. I ordered homefries but I wasn’t a fan of theirs – there just wasn’t enough crunch to it.

Neighbourhood: Little Italy

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