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A3 Napoli: Deep-fried Haven – CLOSED

by Lisa Sit

Little Italy has always been my go-to neighbourhood for Italian eats. Even amidst the noise of other restaurants serving delicious food such as Japanese, Mexican or even Chinese Fusion, the Italian presence still stands strong. Many of which continue to stay in business year after year; some for more than a decade or even longer. 

Although there is a longstanding Italian foundation, the addition of A3 Napoli was a game changer for many. At first, I had no idea of what Neapolitan food was but having eaten here, I started to appreciate their focus on simple yet flavourful ingredients. 

When you walk into A3 Napoli, you are instantly hit with the pizzeria vibe. To the left, pizzas are being prepped, fryers sizzling and the heat blasting from the wood-fired oven. To the right is the cashier and menu. Seating is at the back – suited for both small and large groups. In the summer, their back patio opens up.

For anyone who is coming in for the first time, they did us all a favour and provided a quick step by step on how things work at A3 Napoli.

Those who are not familiar with Neapolitan food, I wouldn’t blame you for taking time to order. Even though the menu is fairly short, the listing is in traditional names so you’ll need to spend a bit of time reading the description to understand what each item is. 

For the five of us, we ordered the largest platter and pizza to share. 

The A3 Gran Fritto platter ($26) is two-tiered platter of lightly fried snacks:

  • frittatina (fried mac and cheese with ham)
  • montanara (lightly fried dough stuffed with tomato, mozzarella and basil)
  • shrimp
  • calamari
  • baccala (cod)
  • pizza fritta (fried pizza)
  • zucchini fritti.

It also came with three sauces: marinara, lemon aioli and pesto.

Calling all deep fried food cravings and lovers, this platter is heaven. There was quite a variety of options which is perfect if you want to try a little of everything. I personally loved the frittatina (triangle patties), but I’m a sucker for mac and cheese anything! As for the zucchini fritti, I’ve had better at Figo in Entertainment District. Everything else was delicious as well.

The pizza was what I was looking forward to the most. They had the usual, margherita or marinara, with a couple of other unique options. We ordered a pizza called the diavola and it was divine. Thin crust wood-fired flavour, soft cheese, flavourful sauce and the best part, the kick of spice from the soppressata sausage. 

We really enjoyed everything we ordered at A3 Napoli. It’s a great spot for the after work crowd or get together with friends because the food is easily shareable, delicious and the drinks are cheap.

Neighbourhood: Little Italy

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