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About Lisa, the woman behind this blog

by Lisa Sit

Another foodie from Toronto, but with a love for hole-in-the-walls (dirtier is not always better), local small businesses and places that are accessibility friendly. When I’m not eating, I’m planning my next travels!

Growing up in the Bloordale/Bloorcourt community, I have a soft spot for the local businesses. Some of them have opened and continue to flourish, but also closed, and some have even survived longer than my years alive. The reason I appreciate these businesses is because oftentimes it is an extension of the person behind it – bringing a part of their culture and lifestyle into the community. But there is also no better feeling, than coming into a shop and having the employees know what you want, or even just knowing your name as they greet you – you’re treated like more than just another customer who walks through the door.

I started this blog as diary to my friends, and it still is just that. People would always ask how my weekend was, and instead of repeating myself about a new restaurant I checked out, I created the blog so that I could send my friends here or reference the images as I talked about it.

Overtime, I moved majority of my reviews over to Instagram as it became a more engaging platform to visually show food and have moved my focus on the blog as a travel diary.

I hope you enjoy reading about my food and travel experiences, inspired to try a new place for brunch, lunch or dinner, or find some tips on your next trip to a destination I’ve visited and/or perhaps my own hometown, Toronto!

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